Olivia Peniston-Bird

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What do you get when you get Olivia Peniston-Bird? You get something unreal out of something real. She takes people who are ordinary, and then through the magic of deciding when to roll camera and when to edit and when to listen and when to prompt, she gets the gold, the stuff that’s memorable, the performances that connect with your audience. Here’s proof for you. Gogglebox. Have you watched it? Aren’t those people average? But aren’t they fascinating, and human and trusting with the camera right there in their living room. Olivia Peniston-Bird directed that. She also directed a film about the little known hot bed of teen girl drama known as calisthenics, which might seem to you a bit niche, but the characters expose their humanity, the happenings are so poignant and so you see yourself in that film…doing calisthenics like a teenage girl. It’s hard to say how she does it but the effect is so engaging and so honest, no wonder she has won over film festival juries, television viewers and soon the audience of your commercials who won’t even know they’re watching a commercial, it will be that real, that honest, that Olivia.