Nina Ljeti

Production Company: Son&Heir
Website: Website

Nina Ljeti is a Bosnian-Canadian writer and director. 

Her first feature, “Memoria,” was screened at festivals around the world. In 2016, she was listed in MovieMaker Magazine as one of “25 Screenwriters To Watch.” Nina recently wrapped up a documentary film she directed in Bosnia, on her family’s escape on the eve of the Bosnian War. The film is currently in post production, and is being produced by Refinery29.

A classically trained pianist, Nina has a deep understanding of rhythm, timing, and the relationship between moving images and music. This translates into her work as a video director and editor for artists such as Rey Pila, Soko, Wallows, Collapsing Scenery, and No Parents. 

Nina’s work is narrative driven, and is heavily inspired by music and pop culture.