Natalie Rae

Production Company: Object & Animal,OPC,Epoch Films
Website: Website

Born and raised in Canada, Natalie Rae is an award winning commercial and music video director. Her entrepreneurial spirit matched with her artistic background in writing, dance and music have made her a distinctively unique force in crafting narratives with a strong visual style. Natalie’s first music video for Serena Ryder ‘Stompa’ went on to number one in North America. The video got Natalie nominated for Director of the year and Video of the year and won Best Rock video at MMVA’s.

Since then Natalie has worked with a wide range of artists and garnered continued recognition by the MMVA’s, Juno’s and Prism Prize Awards. In 2104 Natalie was commissioned to direct the first global PSA for UN Women that promotes female leadership and brings awareness to the staggeringly low numbers of political positions held by women in the world. Since then she has directed work for clients such as: Wrigley, YouTube, Time Warner Cable, Cheerios, Ronald McDonald House, Kevin.Murphy and Moose Knuckles Clothing.

Whether directing commercials, short-form content, or music videos, Natalie maintains a commitment to telling empowering stories that may bring tears or laughter but always encourage the human spirit.