Natalie Prisco

Production Company: Suneeva Films,Community Films
Website: Website

Canadian born Natalie Prisco is a sharp and pointy comedy writer and director and probably the best part of the directing collaborative JEAN. She is the N, in case you weren’t wondering. Nat got her start as copywriter at Mccann Erickson in New York. She then got swooped up by MTV, where she wrote and directed lots of funny stuff for the acclaimed network. Remember that hilarious, award winning MTV Movie Award spot with Jack Black? She didn’t write that. But she sat next to the guy that did. Man, that guy was cool.

And after enough that, she left and formed JEAN, a directing collaborative with her two MTV buddies Eric Eckelman & Armand Prisco. What the three of them shared, besides a pint of cauliflower soup for lunch everyday, was a knack for comedic storytelling and finding the humanity amidst the absurdity. But it’s not all about absurdity for JEAN so much as it’s about finding that perfect balance between quirk, edge and relatability.

When she is not off shooting commercials, Nat keeps busy writing screenplays and TV shows. She recently sold a comedy TV series she wrote to HBO. Netflix is in talks with her over her latest screenplay, AMIGAS! Her latest project, The Dreamer, is a disturbingly hilarious short film about a man who gives up everything to pursue his dreams, only to realize he probably shouldn’t have done that.

Natalie/JEAN is signed at Community Films in the USA.