Molly Schiot

Production Company: Honor Society
Website: Website

Raised in small-town New Hampshire, Schiot’s innate artistic calling led her to the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, and then on to Brown University. Following her studies, she leaped energetically into the world of commercials, music videos and film and never looked back.

Schiot’s diverse creative endeavors have led to sold-out exhibitions of her paintings and drawings, music videos for the likes of Mark Ronson and The Raveonettes and commercials for Miu-Miu and Converse. Her Check You Out series for Paper Magazine, a collection of short films, features comedy duo Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstien doing spoken word renditions of Danzig songs in front of Danzig’s house, A-list actress Malin Akerman getting her make-up done by a Swedish toddler, and somber singer Devendra Banhart pretending to pitch comedic pilots to a television network.

Schiot is also the creative force behind the Instagram account “theunsungheroines, ” which has been adapted into the book “Game Changers.” The book, published by Simon & Schuster, is a celebration of the pioneering, forgotten female athletes of the 20th century that features rarely seen photos and new interviews with past and present gamechangers including Abby Wambach and Cari Champion.