Megan Maczko

Production Company: Missing Link Films
Website: Website

Following a successful career as a critically-acclaimed Hollywood actress, Megan Maczko now explores her love of film from behind the camera. From growing up in America to developing as a filmmaker in Europe, she brings her own distinctly cinematic perspective to the table. Specialising in character-driven work, her experience as an actress means she has an intimate knowledge of how to draw a great performance from her cast.

Megan’s first film is the recently completed short entitled The In-Between. Set in Las Vegas, the film explores one woman’s inner conflict as she decides whether to see her estranged father before he dies and give him the forgiveness he doesn’t deserve. 

Her dark comedy series GOING DOWN: The 7 Deadly Sins of the Office Christmas Party launched in December 2018 and has received over 500k views, as well as high praise. Each film/sin is one minute long and was shot 3:4 for Instagram and IGTV.  

Her first feature film Underneath is in development.