Mea Dols de Jong

Production Company: HALAL
Website: Website

Mea was named as one of the ‘Top 10 Europeans to Watch’ by Variety, and her skills and craft centre around observing and exposing inter-human relations down to their finest detail. Combining psychology with refined atmospheric aesthetics, Mea’s work appears subtle, yet is provocative at the same time. Originally studying to become a fiction director, Mea changed course quite literally and switched to documentary directing. The influence of fiction is however uncanny and remains a thread throughout her acclaimed documentary work. Her film ‘If Mama Ain’t Happy, Nobody’s Happy’ received global recognition and earned her over 27 international awards.

With her work, Mea seeks to balance emotional expression and strong analyses. Driven by realism, she wants to portray real people, share real stories that provoke real emotion. Always looking for ways to expand her horizons, she is currently been invited for the prestigious Nieman Fellowship (Nieman Foundation for Journalists) at Harvard University.