Maya Albanese

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Maya Albanese is a writer/ director known for her social impact and underdog empowerment storytelling.

She was recently awarded the inaugural DGA-AICP diverse directors fellowship that supports emerging women directors, and the Superlounge Diversity Award for commercial directors. Maya has directed and shot documentaries and commercials on five continents, and in Spanish, French, and English. She has directed commercial content for IBM, Nike Women, Kids Foot Locker, Manchester United, John Frieda, Chevrolet, Ketel One, Capital One, JCPenney, Chevrolet, Capital Group, Etc. And her multimedia stories have been published across NBC News, The Today Show, Food Network, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Miami Herald, VOX, Racked, EATER, Popsugar,, and many more. In addition, her indie documentaries have premiered at festivals worldwide including DOCNYC. 

Maya has a Masters in Documentary Filmmaking from Columbia University in New York.