Marieli Fröhlich

Production Company: Soilfilms
Website: Website

Marieli’s work is both visceral and beautiful. She is known for her perfectionism and innovation. She is always in pursuit of the highest quality, giving unfamiliar twists to familiar imagery, with superb cinematography, distinctive casting and refined art direction, setting her apart as an exciting and sensuous filmmaker.

Born into a family of artists, film directors and musicians in Vienna, Marieli developed an early passion for film in childhood, spending many afternoons in her father’s art house cinema. As a teenager, she began acting in films and was later discovered by Claude Chabrol, to star next to Helmut Berger in Fantomas.

Currently based in Vienna, Marieli has travelled widely, lived in Paris, and New York meeting people who have influenced her own work and vision. Like Guy Bourdin, whom she assisted on some of his legendary photo shoots for Vogue and acclaimed directors like Martin Scorcese and Jonas Mekas, while working at the Anthology Filmarchives in New York.

This wealth of experience led to her decision to direct her own films, about which she says: “ Imagination can take me anywhere, by directing films I can do what I love – creating my own universe”. Marieli is a true professional, leading her team with a calm self-confidence to find the best solutions with wit and effiency when hitting a snag. She is funny, well educated, very charming and great company.

Marieli lives in Vienna with her family and speaks German, English, French and Italian fluently.