Maria Chiara Venturini

Production Company: Radical Media
Website: Website

Maria Chiara Venturini is a writer and director from Italy with a vivid imagination that fuels her work. Ever since she was a young girl, growing up in her tiny hometown in Tuscany, she would use her absurd fantasies crowded with grotesque characters to escape from the boredom of her lonesome backyard. The problem was that she forgot to draw the line between reality and imagination – she has been living in the middle of the two ever since.

Her videos offer viewers a one way ticket into her reality and the worlds that her imagination can create. Mixing medias, like 2D and stop motion animation, with live action allows her to create surrealist videos that capture her fantastical sensibilities. Maria’s projects and videos have been showcased in a variety of exhibitions and festivals around the world. Most recently, her “monsters” and other creations have been dancing to the beat of music videos, such as Say Yes Dog’s Girlfriend and Tom Rosenthal’s Bob in the Rain and the Lizard of Hope.