Lucy Bridger

Production Company: Agile Films
Website: Website

Raised in the Midlands by a beauty therapist and civil servant, Lucy Bridger now splits her time between personal projects and commercial work.

Having previously directed a few experimental documentaries, Lucy decided to take her first foray into fiction, writing and directing her debut ‘Mothering’. Influenced by the likes of Andrea Arnold and Jill Soloway, Lucy wants to tell female-led stories that feel real, intimate and absorbing. As a director, she’s always been interested in narratives that focus on awkward transitional periods in women’s lives. Moments that are often brushed over or ignored. They’re not the most glamorous periods in a woman’s life but to Lucy, they’re some of the most emotionally wealthy.

Having started her career in photography, Lucy’s work is photographic and aesthetically considered. Her documentary work bleeds into her approach to fiction, creating space for actors to improvise resulting in narratives that feel authentic and true to life. Lucy’s work has been featured on Dazed and Confused, The Guardian, The School of Life and the BBC. She has also shown work at the MIMA.