Lisa Boostani

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Lisa Boostani is a multidisciplinary artist of Irano-Spanish origin. From the age of 15 she started experimenting with photography, processing, video, editing, as well as music and dance. Fascinated by the surrealist movement and the psychedelic 70s, she began an exploration of consciousness, studying the different aspects and layers of perception to then transcribe into her art in various forms.

With a polished aesthetic in bright colours that celebrates the power of beauty and wonder of still and moving images, Lisa likes to create dream like atmospheres, taking the viewer on a vibrant perceptual journey that engages all the senses.

She studied art at the University of Toulouse (south of France) and graduated with a study of photography at the École des Gobelins of Paris. She has been working in the making of music videos, fashion, and advertising films, and carries out a parallel personal enquiry into movement and sound that informs and supports her multi-dimensional art practice. In her experimental work, she sets herself on stage, questioning and rethinking notions of identity, its modes of construction and representation, while playing with symbols and archetypes to re-frame the mythical into humorous and absurd self-derision and fantasy.