Lesly Lynch

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Lesly is a young french filmmaker based in New York. A natural born storyteller, Lesly is passionate about conveying any human feeling in a subtlest way. She always aims at linking emotion to visual storytelling. Lesly often depicts small moments of personal reflection and candid wonderment.

First, she started as a journalist in Paris for major french TV channels such as TF1, M6 and Arte. She then became a junior producer for a trendy TV show featuring fashion and lifestyle.

Fascinated by human nature, Lesly naturally moved to filmmaking and directing her first short documentary. After Paris attacks, she decides to feature a jewish grandmother who live an epic life after being victime of the Holocaust. The film earned an award at Infracourts by France Televisions (number 2 french channel).

Active in the black and gay community, Lesly direct a short documentary starring Kiddy Smile, a singer and key figure in the Parisian ballroom scene (voguing). A film opening the closet of neglected identities. It was selected by Infracourts.

Her first feature documentary, a reflection on contemporary art, has been screened at the National Assembly in Paris. She also directed a food video with famous Michelin Chefs that went viral. Her beginnings in dance and music videos have led her to build the reputation of a restless and creative mind, always collaborating and creating new work with the coolest artists and bands, such as her recent work with the dancers of Christine & The Queens. Or « Auaati » a music video with a documentary approach that questions the « Muslim queer’s identity », celebrate love and condemning the Islamophobic plague in our post 09/11 world. »

Lesly’s works show that her creativity has no boundaries. In 2016, she directed a documentary series “24 Hours Before” major events aired on Fox International Channels. In 2017, she focus her career on commercials with brands such as Wendy’s, Topshop, Repetto… She is currently on the post-production of her first fiction-documentary « Trip ». An immersion in the new queer underground scene of Paris, looking for their own freedom.

Her projects are reflections of her passion, sensibility and originality, constantly taking new steps to tell compelling stories. Her sense of tempo led her to make films with her recognizable rhythm. She also thrives to tell the most original and surprising stories. Lesly is above all a perceptive person with a sensible cinematography and an amazing sense for storytelling. She knows how to capture a reality that can be visualized and enhanced.

Her inner strength, her dedication and her discipline in making poignant films has continued to announce her arrival as someone to take notice of.