Leilani Croucher

Production Company: Revolver
Website: Website

Leilani started out pursuing a career in acting but quickly learned she was more at home on the other side of the camera and was lured to join the Revolver team.

She has been the secret weapon at the side of Revolver’s directors for 7 years. With a voice in every creative aspect of Revolver’s output, Leilani’s aesthetic is clear to anyone who knows her. She has her very own distinctive visual style and is a confident and individual voice in the crowd, both as a human and as a director. Her work reflects this connection with film, photography, art and popular culture, and a vision well beyond.

Leilani has directed a documentary and a stereoscopic 360 VR film featuring Google’s Tilt Brush technology in collaboration with Semi Permanent and more recently, the hugely successful Berlei ‘Boob Balls’ TV campaign. She has also devoted her love and efforts to music videos for Jack Ladder, Polish Club and Roadhouses. These pieces add her own experiences to her intimate knowledge of the TVC process gained through working alongside the best directors in the country.