Lea Hjort

Production Company: Radical Media
Website: Website

 Lea Hjort is an award-winning director based in Copenhagen. She makes character-driven films with strong personal narratives. Her work explores themes such as identity, gender and coming-of-age and is characterized by a personal and poetic cinematic approach.

Born 1983 in Copenhagen, Lea Hjort was raised among full beards and liberal minds in a small community north of the capital of Denmark. A child of adventurous professor-parents, she relocated to Berkeley California at an early age. She has since completed studies in New York as a Fulbright Scholar and interned with Academy Award nominees Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing at Loki Films.

In 2014 she completed “Malek Means Angel” after traveling to North Africa with nothing but a camera in her carry-on and a return-ticket permitting her one month to shoot a film in unknown territory. The film has been widely celebrated, premiering at the prestigious IDFA in Amsterdam and winning numerous awards festivals around the world. In 2015 she graduated from The National Film School of Denmark with the film poem Øde Ø (My Desert Island), which received a nomination at the Danish 2016 Robert Awards for Best Short.

Lea is currently working on a new film with noted production company Sonntag Pictures. The film was selected for script development at IDFAcademy and in development with The Danish Film Institute. She signed with RadicalMedia for commercial representation in 2017.