Lauren Pruitt

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Lauren Pruitt is a natural-born storyteller that believes the best ideas happen when we collaborate fearlessly, trust our instincts and leave our egos at home. She attended the University of Texas at Austin where she studied screenwriting and has worked as a cinematographer for the past decade. She now does agency copywriting and has collaborated with creative teams across the country to create multiple immersive campaigns and TV spots; allowing her writing, client and talent relations, and idea generation across various platforms to flourish.

Lauren has screened her work at film festivals across the US and Europe including the AFS ShortCase at SXSW, the Canne’s Short Film Corner, and the Berlin Feminist Film Week as well as workshopped screenplays at the Austin Film Society‚Äôs Artist Intensive with Oscar-nominated writer/director Richard Linklater. Lauren has written, directed, and shot commercials, comedy, and fashion pieces and is eager to build her body of work and continue to grow as a commercial director.