Laura Weaver

Production Company: Standard Films
Website: Website

Laura is a young french director and photographer based in Paris.

Before finishing Arts Déco, Laura Weaver joined Iconoclast soon after it was created, and quickly became the Creative Director.
Simultaneously, she directed her first short film “PPP”, which has been selected in various festivals such as Paris, Berlin, Japan, Chile. Weaver’s universe echoes filmmakers like Tati or Demy, where comedy is combined with formal beauty!
She has then written and directed fashion films for the brands Tara Jarmon and Mes Demoiselles, commercials for L’Oréal and also music videos for Club Cheval or Dizzee Rascal.

Nothing– from accessory to gesture– escapes her keen eye for detail. Simple scenes, sculptural lighting effects and a particular emphasis on performance and atmosphere give her films their uniquely personal, polished finish.