Ky Dickens

Production Company: Story Co
Website: Website

Award winning filmmaker Ky Dickens is best known for her highly acclaimed documentary work, her emotionally compelling commercial reel and her endless lists of questions. Did the Archaeopteryx sound like a bird, chicken or a crocodile?

Ky directed the highly acclaimed documentary Sole Survivor, which profiles four survivors of otherwise fatal plane crashes. Sole Survivor was acquired by CNN Films for broadcast and theatrical release. It premiered on the network in January, 2014 and was second most watched film on the CNN network, after Blackfish. Sole Survivor was named the “Best Feature Film” at the 2013 BMA Awards. Ky’s 2009 feature documentary, Fish out of Water, won four juror prizes and secured international distribution by Netflix and First Run Features. The film has been hailed as a “tool for reconciliation between the church and LGBTQ community” and was inducted into the United States Library of Congress in 2011 for it’s instrumental role in changing the national perspective on LGBTQ human rights. In October of 2013, Ky received the Focus Award for “Achievement in Directing” from Women in Film. Ky is currently in post-production on her much anticipated film, Zero Weeks (2017), about America’s paid leave crises. Ky premiered the Zero Weeks trailer at the White House Summit on the United State of Women, hosted by Oprah and Michelle Obama. Ky’s other film in post production, The City that Sold America (2017), is about Chicago’s crucial, yet often-overlooked place, in American consumer culture. The film is a sequel to Emmy-award winning Art & Copy.

Ky directs TV commercials and web content for Chicago-based production company, STORY, with clients from Tylenol, Kohler, Huggies, McDonald’s, Sears, Wrangler, Sargento and many others. Ky graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from Vanderbilt University. She lives in Chicago with her spouse, daughter, dog and backyard chickens. If she won the lottery, she’d still want to be directing. Storytelling, like clean water and Sirracha sauce are everyday necessities.