Jessica Benzing is part of a directing team called KRONCK. For whatever reason, a lot of people ask for “the boys from KRONCK” when offering a job , although Jessi feels quite female and KRONCK is a collaboration with Maximilian Gerlach, her partner in directing and life. Both of them have never sat in the last row of the bus and were unusually dressed by their parents in the 80s. Because of that and their common interest in film, cash and potato printing, they studied film production & media business at the renowned University of Film and Television Munich where they also directed their first commercial for Sony Ericsson. They liked it and others did too, so since that day, they’ve been shortlisted and awarded dozens of times for their commercials, music videos and social spots at prestigious events like Saatchi & Saatchi’s NGDSC, ADC, Cannes Lions and the Edi which is – as far as they’ve been told – the Swiss Oscar… just that it isn’t for features and it isn’t the Oscar.

They are known for their dynamic style, authentic casting, unconventional and weird visions of life, hilarious humor, great choreographies (Jessi is a little pro in dancing) and after set parties (Max is a little pro in partying). If they are not on set working for clients like Coca Cola, Daimler, Durex or Allianz, they spend most of their time traveling and wondering about people.