Kristine Tsui

Production Company: Bindery
Website: Website

Kristine Tsui is a NYC based director with a strong eye for telling conceptual and designed stories that inject a dose of magic into everyday circumstances.

Above all, she’s captivated by the role a brand can play in the world and in people’s lives. It informs how she embraces her role in directing unique, problem-solving pieces that never paint with broad-stroke solutions, but aim to excite and advocate for the audience by speaking their language. And she’s had the opportunity to bring ideas to life for the likes of Benefit Cosmetics, Birchbox, Bombas, L’Oreal and Pinterest.

As a Chinese-American female director, Kristine is also vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion and strongly believes in a more level playing field. She firmly feels that fighting for representation and gender equality matters and, as long as we narrowly dictate who the storytellers are, a much larger message remains: some stories are worth being told and some aren’t.