Kristin Stubberud

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Kristin Stubberud is a cross-genre Norwegian filmmaker and director, who enjoys working with people and the depth of life. Her background in graphic design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts gave her a broad starting point in the creative business, and led her to work with both text, sound, photography, design, illustration and animation. In the process of mixing all these medias, film turned out to provide a place for everything to merge.

She has worked with Norwegian artists such as Frida Ånnevik, Murmur, Imitating Aeroplanes, Moddi and Samū. More commercial collaborations include a series of portraits for Red Bull Simply Cola / Red Bull Organics.

Kristin mainly works on her own or in small teams with cameraman and stylist. She loves working spontaneous and intuitive, and tries to hold on to that playfulness throughout the whole creative process. Both on a professional and personal level she likes to create a safe space for people to express themselves.