Krista Liney

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Krista Liney is an award-winning Director, renowned for elevating the stories of celebrity talent and real people alike. Her work seamlessly runs the gamut from premier TV to humanistic narrative storytelling. Most recently she was given a Daytime Emmy nod for Outstanding Promotion with her Lifetime network “Stop Breast Cancer For Life” campaign.

Most recently, Liney directed the celebrated trailer for the new Beverly Hills 90210 on Fox, which has become the most shared and viewed promotional spot of the 2019 television season (amassing over 18m views). Liney originally honed her creative vision while serving as SVP of Brand Creative at History, where she directed everything from series’ promos for Vikings and Swamp People. In her spare time, she shot countless music videos, including Tyga & Justin Bieber’s “Wait A Minute” music video, with 130 million YouTube views to date. Over the course of her prolific career in network television, Krista also served as an Executive Producer for History programming, earning her first Primetime Emmy nomination and the 2017 NAACP Image Award for Best Documentary for Roots: A New Vision. Krista’s passion and unique brand of storytelling provided her the opportunity for creative oversight of some of the biggest events in television history, from Hatfields & McCoys to mainstay series Pawn Stars.

Krista’s skillset as a Director, network Creative Director, and Executive Producer informs her ability to harmonize brand needs with engaging and original storytelling. No matter the role required, Krista always stays connected to the craft of cinematic storytelling through hands-on filmmaking.