Kiira Benzing

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Kiira is a multi-dimensional director crossing the mediums of theater, film, virtual reality and augmented reality. “Runnin’” written and directed by Kiira, is an interactive VR dance experience starring Reggie Watts. Featuring a cast of volumetric dancers Runnin’ was filmed on the largest volumetric stage in the world where Kiira was the first VR director. Currently on the festival circuit, Runnin’ made its world premiere at Sundance 2019 and received the Virtual Cinema Jury Award for “Interactive” at SXSW 2019. Kiira’s work regularly crosses between cinema and VR. “Cardboard City” her debut in Virtual Reality won Samsung’s first VR contest (2016). Interactive VR/AR installation: “Cardboard City” (NYFF 2016). Select Films: “Hilda” (Tribeca Film Festival 2017, Amazon), “Diptych” (Dance on Camera 2018). VR Workshops: SXSW 2018, 2019. Medium Blogs: Exploring New Realities, Alive in Plasticland.