Kell Mitchell

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After graduating in Sydney and collecting many prizes and accolades in contemporary photography, Kell moved across the world to conquer the London fashion scene. After honing her craft for many years assisting some of the world’s most renowned fashion photographers, she went on to shoot campaigns for AllSaints, French Connection and Harvey Nichols, for whom she created the viral film ‘The 100 Year Old Model’ in partnership with Vogue.

In recent years, Kell has created Cannes Lion award winning digital content and has an enviable list of commercial clients including some of the world’s biggest brands such as Google, Emirates and Samsung.

Outside of her commercial work Kell’s passion for working with real people comes to life in her Channel 4 film series ‘WTF is Cosplay?’. Her simple and stylistic approach to storytelling draws the viewer into the character’s lives in an emotionally engaging way.