Katja Oortman

Production Company: Bite Management
Website: Website

Katja Oortman is a Berlin based filmmaker and photographer. Rooted in visual communication and fine arts, she shifted her focus in recent years from photography to working as a DoP and director. She has been working on various international productions for clients such as Jeep, Weekday, Facebook, Adidas, Hypo Vereinsbank or Red Bull Music Academy. Inspired by the magic and beauty of everyday life, Katja has a strong enthusiasm for fusing the world of advertising with a humanistic artist’s touch. With her visual background as a photographer and cinematographer she is driven to ensure that every piece of work has its unique, authentic aesthetic and a strong empathy with the subject. Creating worlds by details and the bigger picture.

In 2017 Katja was nominated for the “DWA Förderpreis”.

Katja Oortman is represented by Bite Management / Esther Kurle.