Katina Medina Mora

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Born in Pittsburgh in 1980, Katina lives in México City.

Katina studies at London Film School. Her first film, LuTo, was selected for Los Cabos Film Festival and won a prize for Digital Distribution, despite being shot in 15 days on a micro-budget (10,000 dollars in production) It was presented at other festivals and was premiered in cinemas in 2014 in México City.

Her follow-up, Sabrás que hacer conmigo, was awarded development and production funds from 226Fund from the IMCINE. It will have it´s release on May 2016 in comercial theaters distributed by Cinepolis. Her third feature film “Adam´s Apple” script written by Emma Bertrán and Monika Revilla was selected for the Sundance Lab México that organizes producer Bertha Navarro (Guillermo del Toro´s Producer).

She is currently directing a mini tv series for Discovery H&H. Katina has also directed theatre plays, music videos, one mini tv series as well as advertising.