Katie Bell

Production Company: Wilfrid Park,Grand Large Inc.,Mad Cow (UK),The Gang (Spain)
Website: Website

London based Katie Bell is a visual director with a talent for getting naturalistic, genuine performances from both children and adults, as well as making the world look beautiful.

Katie’s interest in directing first came after gaining a Graphic Design degree from Middlesex University, London, after this she joined MTV Europe designing titles and on-screen graphics. She then moved to work in post-production, combining special effects work with designing title sequences.

Her titles for John Paul Gaultier’s Eurotrash led to her being asked to direct her first music video.The next 10 years were spent shooting music videos for artists such as The Bee Gees, Boyzone, Roachford, Tanita Tikeram, Girls Aloud, Rachel Stevens, Myleene Klass and Lucy Silvas, to name a few (in studios and on location all over the world, from East and West Europe, Australia, Cuba, South Africa, the USA and Canada).

Since 2003 she has also been busy, successfully, shooting commercials. Some of the brands she has shot for include KLM, Capital Radio, Dove, Persil, Ribena, Listerine, B&Q, Skip, Pampers, Danone, Chicco, Kinder, Eurostar, Scholl, Kraft, Muller, Walmart, and Minute-Maid to name a few.

Katie is a collaborative director who brings a strong visual aesthetic, total commitment and a tremendous work ethic to every project.