Karen Lamond

Production Company: Annex Films
Website: Website

Karen began her career working as a fashion photographer. It quickly opened up opportunities in the music industry, first as a photographer and then as a video director working with high profile artists like Texas, Lamb, Jakarta, Seal and Garbage. Her talent for filming women in beautiful, sensitive, natural ways was then embraced by the fashion industry. She was commissioned to make a short film showcasing Katharine Hamnett’s Summer collection. From there commercial opportunities arose, moving between the worlds of photography, music video and advertising, where, in recent years, she has been working on campaigns for international brands that include De Beers, Special K, E-Cover, Vera Wang, Avon, Galaxy, Garnier and SlimFast.

Karen loves to listen, to capture details and emotions and to get the very best out of her cast and her crew. With a flair for atmosphere and natural beauty and a talent for bringing a real sense of character and life to the screen, she makes work we can all be proud of.