Joy Kilpatrick

Production Company: MJZ,Steam
Website: Website

New York-based commercial director, Joy Kilpatrick, shoots from the heart, and presents familiar things in unfamiliar ways, thus inviting us to see them with fresh eyes.  Her visual style is authentic, deeply human, and singular in its ability to discern beauty and story within tiny, macro moments. Kilpatrick is continually refining this evocative cinematic style and adapting it to various projects, whether it’s creating work for clients like McDonald’s, Kraft, Starbucks and Nestle, or shooting with the second-unit ‘Chop’ team for John Wells’ Burnt. Passionate about the farm-to- table ethos of the modern food movement. Joy Kilpatrick brings a level of excitement to every shoot, she’s known as a collaborator who can be relied on to enhance a concept.