Jessica Yu

Production Company: Nonfiction Unlimited
Website: Website

Academy award winner Jessica Yu is a prolific filmmaker who is at home working in a wide variety of media and genres, from verité documentaries to animated shorts to scripted features and episodic television, in addition to advertising content. Across all her work, one finds her remarkable ability to depict the serious and the light-hearted—in other words, the whole of the human experience—at the same time. Her nonfiction short, Breathing Lessons, about the poet and journalist Mark O’Brien who was confined to an iron lung, won an Oscar and an Emmy in addition to numerous international awards. Her Sundance documentary features include: The Living Museum, about patients as artists at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center for HBO; In the Realms of the Unreal, exploring the life of outsider artist Henry Darger; Protagonist, examining the relationship between human life and Euripidean dramatic structure; and Last Call at the Oasis, a deep look at the world’s water crisis, with activist Erin Brockovich. Misconception, a feature documentary about overpopulation premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Jessica’s documentary shorts, also Sundance films, have included the playful The Kinda Sutra about adults’ youthful misconceptions about conception and, Meet Mr. Toilet, a humorous look about the serious subject of the need for toilets in third world countries. Jessica’s recently completed ForEveryone.Net for the Ford Foundation features the creator of the World Wide Web — Sir Tim Berners-Lee — through his vision and his efforts to keep the web free and accessible for all. Jessica is also a well-respected director of scripted TV including episodes of American Crime, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Lady Dynamite, Parenthood and Scandal. She has directed commercial projects for Ford, Jet Blue, MasterCard, Microsoft, and Secret among others.