Jeana Theron

Production Company: Darling,Annex Films
Website: Website

Jeana Theron brings unrivaled artistic expression, beauty and style to the art of filmmaking. She has the ability to draw out a nuanced performance regardless of genre. Elegantly telling stories comes easily to Jeana. A strong sense of aesthetic and crazy blue eyes are just two of her defining features. Trained in the Fine Arts , she learned all she knows about her craft on set. Starting as a PA and researcher to highly respected and sought after directors, Jeana honed her creative skills across a diverse range of sets. Comfortable behind the camera across all categories, you will find her trained eye applying itself to anything from traditional car commercials to beauty and from food to fashion films. Even music videos and webfilms are part of her showreel.

When she isn’t pushing the visual edge as a film maker, she is mother to Gabriel, a boy who shares her love of all things beautiful and her genetics- which is a super power all its own.