Javi Eyzaguirre

Production Company: ESTUDIO FE
Website: Website

Javiera comes from a family of artists, she trained her eye naturally thanks to the privileged cultural environment in which she grew up.

After studying photography, she started to apply her professional knowledge, working in important films, such as, “Cachimba” by Silvio
Caiozzi, “La Mujer de mi Hermano” by Mexican Ricardo de Montreuil, “Casa de Remolienda” by Joaquín Eyzaguirre; and “El Regalo” by Cristian Galaz and Andre Ugalde.

Simultaneously, she started to work with recognized Chilean theater directors, until she discovered the fashion industry.

Her work is characterized by an exceptional perspective in lighting, scene production and abundance of details. Her energy and intuition allow
her to discover and reinvent her own images and to amaze everybody with new projects, formats and languages in all of her works.

In 2011, Javiera’s work starts to call the attention of the audiovisual industry. Her first works in this area were experimental videos that got
fashion and publicity industries attention. She has developed her work in different parts of the world collaborating with several publications and personal projects.

Nowadays, she is one of the most distinguished fashion photographers and directors from Chile, working with the main brands and publications locally and internationally.

She has presented 5 personal projects: “Libre de Mente” (2006), “Santeria” (2007), “Princesas (2009), “Gun” (2015), and “El baile de los que sobran (2017). She is a partner at the production studio ESTUDIO FE.