Jane Qian

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Born in Shanghai and raised in Los Angeles, Jane decided she was going to be a director at the age of twelve. People laughed, said it was impossible and warned that it was no place for an immigrant Chinese girl, but that challenge and immense desire to prove people wrong only intensified her resolve. 

Since then, Jane has directed several branded spots, music videos, and short films, garnering millions of views for her work. She possesses a passion for raw and honest storytelling that has the power to tap into viewers’ emotions by evoking empathy and connecting them to meaningful moments in their own lives and experiences. She is drawn to inspirational human stories and produces work around socially conscious themes. Jane strives to push creative limits, by introducing different perspectives, challenging stereotypes or gender norms, and featuring the types of people she grew up admiring but weren’t traditionally shown on screen. She hopes that through her work, she can inspire viewers to develop deeper human connections.