Heather Colbert

Production Company: NERD Productions
Website: Website

Heather is an award-winning animation director whose artistic expertise lie in stop motion and hand-drawn animation. Her widely acclaimed music videos for Mark Nevin and Tom Rosenthal have been awarded Vimeo Staff Picks and featured on Directors Notes, Dezeen, ‘BOOOOOOOM’, ZippyFrames and Dragonframe as well as screening at film festivals such as Montreal Stop motion Festival and Fantoche in Switzerland.

‘Dolly Said No To Elvis’ was recently screened at ‘BUG 58’, where she was interviewed by host Adam Buxton at the BFI. Her debut music video ‘BIBIMBAP’ was recently screened at the London International Animation Festival.

As an impassioned character designer and puppet maker, she collaborated with Abel Carbajal on his film ‘El Gran Correlli’ which is currently in production at ESCAC, Barcelona. Heather was featured on the website ‘Great Women Animators ’, named one of eight ‘female filmmakers to watch’ by the American Stop Motion Magazine and most recently appeared on the list ‘24 Most Influential Bristolians Under 24’.

Sidenote – she is undeniably in love with swimming, Terry Pratchett and drawing hands.