Haya Waseem

Production Company: Variable
Website: Website

Haya Waseem is a Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker. Born in Pakistan, raised in Switzerland, and now living in Canada, her eclectic range of experience has deeply informed Haya’s work. Growing up amongst such diverse cultures, her work reflects an attunement to her surroundings and the subtle nuances that make each place and its people beautiful.

She has directed several short films that have screened at TIFF, Cannes, and Berlinale among others, and is a graduate of the Director’s Lab program at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre.

Beginning her career as a documentary editor, Haya infused her curiosity and attention to subtle detail with a love for shaping stories around rich, character-driven narratives. Her film work draws on that background, mixing acute documentarian details with strong narrative characters. She strives to capture the intangible, curious spark we all experience in our daily lives but never quite understand. Now, living in Toronto, she finds filmmaking continues to be a gift that allows space for reflection, interpretation and discovery, which completes life’s circles in surprising and tender ways.