Hannah Lux Davis

Production Company: London Alley
Website: Website

Hannah Lux Davis is an LA based, award-winning Director known for her stylized, energetic, and pop characteristics in the music video and commercial world. She’s worked with artists like Ariana Grande, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Hailee Steinfeld, Demi Lovato and more. She has an eye for composing vibrant beauty shots of perfection and is brilliant with bringing out the energy of artists, all while influencing a culture of female empowerment. Her videos have garnered billions of views worldwide.

Her latest and greatest is her Viacom spot which explored a party of epic proportions to showcase the brand’s tentpole series including a dance battle featuring Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, a dinner party with the stars of Rupaul’s Drag Race, and a ping pong competition with Transformers‘ Josh Duhamel. Talk about energy! She is currently in production for a feature documentary with Demi Lovato.