Gail Mancuso

Production Company: Cultivate
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Gail Mancuso, who’s current resume looks like a TV guide listing, started her career working on set as an usher seating audience members for several television talk shows. She then went on to become a script supervisor for the Showtime comedy “Brothers, ” where she got her early exposure to directing. “You really get an eye for how shows are shot, ” she said about being a script supervisor, “and how to talk to actors.”

It wasn’t long before she got a gig as an associate director on the popular show, “Roseanne, ” which turned out to be the big break in her career. At one point the show’s main director left to go work on a pilot for another show, leaving Gail with the opportunity to take that slot, which is exactly what she did. The next season she was hired as a full time director and directed over 50 episodes of the show, including Sarah Chalke’s audition.

She went on to direct episodes of many well-known TV series like “Friends, ” “Dharma and Greg, ” and “Gilmore Girls.”

In 2007, Mancuso began working on the CBS sitcom “Rules of Engagement, ” and also directed episodes of “30 Rock” and “Scrubs.” In 2008, she won a Gracie Award for Outstanding Director of an Entertainment Series or Special for her work on “30 Rock.”

Keeping up momentum, Mancuso started directing episodes of the critically acclaimed hit ABC comedy “Modern Family” and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for the episode “Slow Down Your Neighbors.”

Most recently she took home the 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for the “Modern Family” episode, “Arrested.”

While it seems that there aren’t many popular TV sitcoms in the past 20 years Gail hasn’t had a hand in, she’s no stranger to the commercial world. We [Cultivate.Media] partnered with her about 5 years ago on some webisodes for Breyer’s Ice Cream. She has also directed numerous episodes of the Suave/Sprint digital series “In the Motherhood” that starred Chelsea Handler, Jenny McCarthy and Leah Remini. Additionally, Gail has directed a series of digital shorts for Vaseline, entitled “Skin Season”, staring Sarah Chalke from “Scrubs.”

“She’s an amazing talent who brings a truly deft touch to her work, ” Managing Director Mark Thomas says about Mancuso, “she never shouts or telegraphs the joke, but it’s always funny. Sometimes a big laugh, sometimes a smile, but always humor with both heart and wit.”

Mancuso made these observations about the new relationship: “I’m intrigued by strong, simple concepts…ones that are open to clever executions, in whatever platform they may be for. I hope to bring to advertising the same success I have in television. I believe in creating a conversation with the viewer, engaging them with all elements of visionary filmmaking. Whether it’s a humorous line, memorable shot, or heart-felt moment, my goal is that the viewer is still talking about the piece well after it has aired. Having worked with Mark and the team at Cultivate before certainly aided in my decision to join them, but essentially it was more about a shared vision for the work.” She continued, “I took a look at the work that has been done over an extended period of time at Cultivate.Media and it became clear to me that we share the same creative passion and drive for doing memorable films, and I’m excited to be a part of that going forward. I’ve enjoyed the experiences I’ve had so far in Advertising and I find it invigorating to engage with creatives from agencies. Smart people bouncing ideas off each other and processing all of it into work that’s worth watching, I love that.”