Gabriela Mo

Production Company: Sentimental Filmes
Website: Website

Gabriela Mo has first studied Journalism, because she likes to write. From poetry to movie scenes, inspired by other people’s stories and her own dreams and experiences.

Then she started to express herself as a photographer because she understands that the image transcends the word.

But there are other ways to make connections. She began directing films for Vice, adding visual quality to narrative constructions, and engaging herself in the creative process from start. With a naturalist photograph and an immersive camera, she creates inspirational stories of ordinary routine. She sees beauty in everyday life and uses her sensibility in her works, whether documentary or commercial. 

Gabriela worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Kenzo, Samsung, Natura, Avon and others. As a photographer she develops an authorial work aimed at women and signs fashion campaigns.