Gabriela Larraín

Production Company: Funkyfilms
Website: Website

Gabriela Larraín, grew up in one of the most outstanding families of the Chilean cinema of the 90s. Her father, Ricardo Larraín (La Frontera 1991 and El Entusiasmo 1999), trained her in the art of advertising cinema since she was a child. She studied cinema at the Mayor University in Chile, standing out from the beginning for her aesthetic taste and sensitivity for the narration of their stories, a process that culminated in her participation as director of photography and executive producer in the film, Raíz (Winner Valdivia Film Festival 2013, selected in San Sebastian and Bafici). She has a secret pleasure in directing music video, where she puts all her creativity and skill into the different technical roles she performs.

In the advertising cinema she makes emotional pieces, with real people, always trying to appeal to universality.

She is currently working as a director at Funkyfilms and she is also pre-producing her first feature film “Las Cosas”, winner of Corfo in 2017.