Emma Westenberg

Production Company: Partizan,HALAL
Website: Website

Emma Westenberg is a Dutch director, born in Berkeley California, March 1990, to two Dutch citizens. Emma is a very special young lady, which calls for a very special introduction, one of her own really:

“I’m a sucker for fluffy and shiny things, colorful skies, anything concerning the sea, explosions, George Michael, sweet and stubborn people and monkeys.”

Her initial plan of action for her future was to become a skipper and/or a ballerina, but after careful consideration Emma finally landed at filmmaking. She studied at the renowned Rietveld Academy and the Cooper Union School of Art in NYC.

Emma graduated in 2014 with special distinction ‘Cum Laude’ with a short film, ‘Het stilleven van Estelle’/ ‘The still life of Estelle’, which she wrote, directed, produced and art directed herself and was selected at the student competition of the Dutch film festival. What followed was Emma’s first commercial for VPRO Dorst in conjunction with the Dutch design week, a brand video for Models at Work and a music video for ‘Regal Degal’. In 2016 Emma was awarded Best New Fashion Film for ‘Blue and You’ at the Fashion Film Festival in Milan.

Emma just finished a short film for NTR Kort!, titled ‘A Painful Affair’ and is now busy with multiple new projects in fashion, music and fiction.