Emily Elizabeth Thomas

Production Company: Derby
Website: Website

Emily Elizabeth Thomas is a New York-based writer/director. She was raised in Austin, TX and proudly maintains a strong presence in the Texas film community. A true cowgirl at heart, Emily brings authentic Southern grit to every project.

Emily is a classically trained writer and filmmaker, and is proudly bred by the indie film world. She has written, directed and produced a dynamic lineup of films from a young age. Her work has been award-winning at festivals such as The Oslo Independent Film Festival, The Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival, and The Alabama George Lindsay Film Festival. She has been featured by Milk Studios, We Are Moving Stories, Film Threat, Director’s Notes, and more. At the foundation of her directorial practice is the true grit of independent movie making, color and design, and unyielding commitment to the craft and art of storytelling.

Emily’s goal as a director is to create stunning visual worlds on-screen which bring out true feelings in her audience.