Eliza Brownlie

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Eliza is a filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. While earning her BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University, she began taking film theory and history courses as electives. A lifelong cinephile, writer, and photography enthusiast; Eliza felt compelled to experiment with directing. Within her first few minutes on set, she knew she had found home. Her debut music video for The Darcy’s appeared on Nylon Magazine, Noisey, and IMVDb’s top 5 weekly video’s. After graduating, she decided to continue her studies at UCLA and pursue filmmaking as a career in Los Angeles. Since then, she has worked on music videos, short films, and branded content for clients such as VICE, Dove Soap, Top Expert, and Arts & Crafts Records. Her short surrealist horror film, The After Party, has been screened at several festivals across North America.

Eliza is interested in exploring social constructs and the alienation that humans experience as a consequence of such, often with a focus on women. Her work tends to convey the complexity of the modern female experience through dreamy, stylized, and atmospheric imagery that feels both intimate and ominous. Currently, Eliza is developing her first feature screenplay.