Donnya Zidan

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Donnya is an autodidact filmmaker from Amsterdam. Growing up between two cultures, Dutch and Egyptian, she developed an attraction to observing cultural behaviors and contrasts. As a young girl, she would spend her spare time in local theaters dancing and acting to later grow up and become a professional fashion model. A few years ago, she decided to commit to her biggest love: film. Creating stories inspired by her own bittersweet experiences, without losing her strong sense for fashion and entertainment, and using all of her own experience in front of the camera. 

To Donnya, film is an escape from reality. Her story lines therefore hint at dreaming big and childish fantasies. She is constantly experimenting with these themes within the constraints of reality. Her characters often live in their own bubble but stay relatable. Donnya’s emphasis on art direction gives her characters an extra dose of complexity and quirkiness.

Next to her main focus in commercial work and music videos for both national and international talent, she is now working on her first short film.