Divina Kuan

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Divina Kuan is a Filipino-German writer, director and university lecturer, who works in fashion, branded content as well as fiction narrative and serial films. Her style is known to provoke a reflection on established norms and modes of thought, often depicting her characters in a comical yet loving manner.

With her films Divina brings a strong queer female voice to the screen that is both tender and visually rigorous, seeking to create emotion and empathy, while offering aesthetically moving experiences for her viewers. Her film experience allows her to work in a wide range of genres and styles, and enables her to create sleek visuals with a strong eye for detail, as well as story-driven or poetic films.

She would like to tickle your mind, heart and soul with her commercial films and leave a lasting mark on you with her fiction-narrative works.

Divina received her Master’s degree from The New School University in New York, and is the recipient of the prestigious Fulbright scholarship. During her time in New York she launched her career as a filmmaker with experimental films, video installations and music videos. While her art installations were showcased in galleries in New York, the U.K. and Sweden, she went on to shoot her first short film “Two Fish“ in New York which screened successfully at international film festivals. After relocating to Berlin, Divina produced her next short film “The Simulant” starring Franz Rogowski, which ran in competition at multiple A-list festivals around the globe, including Edinburgh, Dresden and Oaxaca and is currently joined by her latest work “Manicurists“ which is traveling the global festival route. In 2018 Divina was selected as a fellow to the Film Talent Lab in Reykjavik with the treatment to her feature film “Return”.

She can draw on a vast experience in film production, including all processes and skills required from pre- to postproduction due to the rigorous schooling she received when working as the First Assistant Director for more than four years alongside multiple acclaimed directors, including Michael Klier who decisively shaped German Film culture and Dominik Locher, whose film went on to compete at the Locarno Film Festival. Working with top industry professionals and executives not only helped her hone her own skills, but also offered her insights into a variety of film and producing styles to draw from to create her own visual language and production method. For her latest client Nike she produced commercials and fashion films, that she wrote, directed, produced and edited herself.

Divina has taught production classes in Filmmaking and held lectures and seminars in media and film theory at the distinguished University of the Philippines Visayas and holds a strong bond to filmmakers from her home country. Divina writes, directs and produces her branded films, fashion and narrative films out of Berlin.