Diana Kunst

Production Company: Object & Animal,O Creative Studios,Bless Films
Website: Website

At 26, Diana Kunst has already earned industry recognition winning multiple awards including a Silver Lion for her ‘Fashion to be Free’ film for Daviddelfin. Diana was also included in the 2015 Cannes Young Director Official Selection. 

After graduating from the prestigious Escuela de Arte La Palma in Madrid with a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography, Diana decided to continue with her studies in cinema, television, and photography, dropping out three months before finishing to pursue her experiments in film, shooting underground performances in Madrid and London.

Although Diana’s work is guided by her roots as a still photographer, where light, framing and composition are carefully considered, ultimately her focus is on story and characters. Whether creating films for fashion brands, skate companies, or banks, Diana is equally at home finding the unique personalities that fuel those narratives. Her background as a stills photographer shines through in her work with her mastery of light, framing and composition, which she expertly uses in tandem with deftly portrayed characters and storylines. 

Diana’s campaigns for Gucci, U.S. Polo and Le Chatueau evoke the unique spirit of each brand, setting the standard for more stellar work to come.