Coralie Fargeat

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Coralie Fargeat was born and raised in Paris, France. She studied at the French cinema school, La Femis, where she was chosen to participate in their scriptwriting Lab “Atelier Scénario”.

Her work is strongly influenced by genre films and filmmakers such as Cronenberg, Lynch, and Tarantino. She enjoys telling stories where she can create a powerful, visual universe.

Her Sci-Fi short film, Reality+, premiered in competition at the Tribeca Film Festival and has won multiples awards on the festival circuit. Her debut short film, The Telegram, swept 13 awards at multiple film festivals, as well.

Her first feature film, Revenge, premiered in 2017 to rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival.  It is a revenge movie somewhere between Kill Bill and Deliverance, using a flashy style and visual humor to subvert the horror genre and reclaim it with a feminist point of view. Coralie won Best Director and Best Up and Coming Director Awards at the Sitges Film Festival, the Grand prize Best of Bucheon at BIFFF in South Korea, and was selected to many festivals such worldwide such as Fantastic Fest, and Sundance. The movies were released in the States in May 2018 by Neon, and on streaming on Shudder in November 2018 were it became the most watched movie debut in Shudder history.