Catalina González Piffre

Production Company: Funky Films
Website: Website

Catalina González Piffre was born in Santiago de Chile and started her career in advertising, as Copywriter and Creative Director, before landing in filmmaking. Meanwhile, she attended script-writing workshops such as Story Robert McKee in 2009, The Anatomy of Story John Truby in 2013, and Screenwriting for TV Series by Ignacio Arnold in 2014. That year she writes and directs the short film “As Earthquakes” which premiered at SANFIC12 (Santiago International Film Festival) in 2016, and was part of the Official Selection in film festivals like “BIOBIO Cine”; in Chile,
“Piélagos en Corto”; in Spain, and “Women Media Arts and Film Festival”; in Australia. She is part of the staff of directors of fiction and advertising at the film production company Funky Films, based in Santiago, and she has worked with clients like Fox Sports, Transbank, and CMR Falabella.

Catalina is currently developing, as writer and director, her first TV series called “The End”, created with screenwriter and producer Santiago O’Ryan, a 2017 CORFO winner project (a Chilean national fund). She’s also co-writing her second feature film with director and actor Pablo Cerda, and working to develop and finance her first feature film.