Carla Nobre

Production Company: Beautik
Website: Website

Carla Nobre Mendes is an autodidact. Her career began at age 15 in photography and at age 23 in cinema. Her training includes courses, workshops and drama labs.

She worked with big film directors until she became director in 2004.

Her work has some quirks, which makes her an irreverent director.

Carla values ​​beauty and realism in her films, pioneered by using only natural light in her work, giving the movies an original atmosphere.

Her films have rhythm and movement, because she believes that just like life, a movie must be alive. The assembly of her films always impresses by the synchronicity of the precise cuts.

Naturalism and spontaneity are the essence of her work.

Carla is a restless director, always full of new ideas, lives to film and create new projects. In 2005, she had her short film “Silvia” screened at the Short Film Corner in Cannes. In 2011, she created and directed the documentary “Vozes”, in the final phase, which tells the story of four Brazilian singers. In 2014, she began filming the feature documentary and TV series: “The Shubbers”, where she created, produced, directed and photographed. The documentary talks about the journey of a Brazilian family that is in search of a more sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian life that produces the smallest impact on nature. They live in Ubud in Indonesia.

In 2016, she created, produced and directed a TV series called “The Neighbors”, which is in the capture phase. In 2017, she held the photography exhibition, “Ímpar”, in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo. The show gathers several photos of Rio taken over seven years. The series explores the look for the search of a subjective identity, transforming into doubt the reality itself and its time.

In advertising she worked for major brands and agencies such as Adidas, P & G, Unilever, Pepsi, Ambev, Itaú, Chevrolet, Honda.

Lover of nature Carla lives between the Rio-São Paulo airway, since 2014 she moved to Rio de Janeiro to dedicate herself to her filmmaker career.