Camille Anais Semprez

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Director, writer, and producer Camille Anais Semprez loves telling and being told stories.

A French-American hybrid, Camille grew up as an unbaptized only child, predominantly in the ‘Bible Belt’ of the United States before moving back to the French capital to finish high-school and study film theory at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. After graduation, she produced her first music video for Irish rapper, Rejjie Snow at SOIXANTEQUINZE, then first dipped a toe in the pool of fiction while working with feature-film producer at ARSAM, where she reviewed scripts and prepared applications for funding, before plunging fully into commissioned short-format production. The high-output field was a great place to gain experience in the craft, first as a production coordinator for commercials and soon as creative producer and agent for music videos at woman-headed company FRENZY. In this last role, Camille made frequent trips to Ukraine and briefly had the glamorous pleasure of shooting with Rihanna. She has recently left the comfort of a certain monthly income to pursue her directorial dreams.

Meanwhile, Camille continues to freelance as a creative producer, copy-writer, script-nurse, occasional-voice over artist and has just directed her first music video.