Bola Ogun

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Bola Ogun is a first generation Nigerian-American filmmaker selected for the class of 2014 AFI Directing Workshop for Women, the inaugural class for the Ryan Murphy’s Television HALF Mentorship Program, one of the five filmmakers for Robert Rodriguez’s docuseries ‘Rebel Without A Crew’ and is currently a participant in WeForShe’s DirectHer program.  

Ogun’s second short film “Are We Good Parents?” had its world premiere at SXSW, took home 2nd Runner for Best Narrative Short at Urbanworld and won Best Short Film/Emerging Filmmaker at AT&T’s SHAPE Event. Her work has received positive reviews from Black Girl Nerds and Shadow And Act. She honed her strong filmmaking skills and knowledge by working in the production department for 8 years on notable projects such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Neighbors,” “Battleship,” “True Detective,” and “Friday Night Lights.” Which led her to produce the Emmy campaign music video for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, Vanity Fair’s viral video “Ladyboss” and four Capital Records music videos.   

In 2015, she penned a guest post for Indiewire titled “Enough with the ‘Black Movies’ Bring on the Black Mermaids,” an essay on bringing intersectionality to Fantasy and Sci-fi films. Her hope is to use her lens to influence those who don’t often have a voice and collaborate with other creative minds to amplify fresh storytelling perspectives.